This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to play with my sweetheart Joe Reilly at the Zen Buddhist Temple in Ann Arbor as part of their Buddha Birthday Celebration. What an amazing night. The food was incredible, the weather amazing, and the heart of the community truly inspiring. The temple generously allowed for donations to support the production of my debut album. We raised enough to fund 8 more hours of mixing on my album! So magnificent and wonderful! I must admit that I felt very vulnerable asking for monetary support for a project that is so dear to me not knowing if anyone would feel the same. The overwhelming support that I received back was enough to make my heart feel like it could burst. It helps me realize that whether or not we like to admit it we rely on each other, and when you reach out to that vulnerable space you find that there are many hands to catch you. I want to give a shout out of gratitude to the Zen Temple Community of Ann Arbor and everyone that was there Saturday night for making it such a memorable experience. Miigwech!

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